why-rent-forkliftWhether you are a homeowner planning to renovate your house or a construction company involved in a process of constructing high-rise building, it is essential to pick the right dumpster. Some dumpster company only holds a certain type of materials like heavy concrete materials, only recyclables or commercial garbage etc.

When looking for a dumpster company in Denver, you must choose the right company based on your requirement. You must also find out whether the company you have in mind allows you to carry the type of material you want to move. Denver Dumpsters rental companies offer all type of dumpster depending on your need.

The specialist working in the construction waste removal company guides you on the type and size of dumpster collection container suitable for your requirement. Based on your construction project nature, the type of dumpster varies. For instance, a contractor requires one dumpster for recyclables, another for waste lumber and one more for gathering the trash from the onsite office trailer.

The majority of the homeowners need only one dumpster for their renovation projects. The dumpster types preferred for the construction projects are explained below. The Front load dumpster is the common type of dumpster. It is used by the retail establishments and apartment communities to collect their everyday trash. It is not suggested for heavy waste items like concrete metal and lumber and disposal of home cleanouts but it is perfect for gathering recyclables and waste by onsite offices.

Rear load dumpster is another type that can be used for most of the purposes of the front load dumpsters. But it is narrower than the front load dumpsters. This design of the rear load dumpster suitable for kept in driveways or alleyways. It is also the good choice when space is at a premium on the construction site. The commercial construction or residential projects that use the real load project includes Home Additions, Construction of Stand Alone garages.

Stationary Compactor Dumpster is perfect for large construction projects that have a large quantity of dry waste. The materials that can be collected and compacted in this dumpster type include wood, paper, plastics and corrugated cardboard. First these materials are placed in the compactor using a chute and then the compacted materials are transferred to the container that can be removed from the compactor.

The benefits of using the Stationary Compactor dumpster are it decreases the risk of fire that can reduce your insurance cost, use compactor dumpsters decrease the rodent and insect population and also it decreases the possibility of windblown trash on the job site. The job sites including home clean-outs, new home construction, pool installation, demolition are the suitable projects for this dumpster type.

You must aware that choosing the right dumpster based on the quantity of your material is an important thing. When the dumpster size is very small, you need to go multiple trips to remove the trash. When picking a large size dumpster than your actual requirement, then you need to pay additional money for the unused space.