Month: August 2017

When Asbestos Sent The Australians Running For Cover

sbestos-RemovalAny product containing asbestos is illegal in Australia and must be removed from the shelf. The effects of asbestos are known, and there are reports of cancer, and other respiratory tract infects associated with this product. For a complete asbestos report, you can avail the services at who have years of experience in the field.

Recently it was discovered that imported cars from China, building materials, and crayons have traces of this deadly mineral.

Asbestos In Construction Products
A news coverage in highlighted the negative effects of using imported products. It was reported that concrete fiber sheets in 64 building sites in Australia contained asbestos. It is mandatory for all the goods to pass the certification tests that confirms the absence of asbestos in them. However, the country which manufactures the goods have no stringent laws against the use of asbestos, and these products make their way into Australia.

Stringent Penalties
Several workers in mines, mills, and industries have succumbed to the ill-effects of breathing asbestos particles suspended in the air. The Government does not want a Fourth Wave of deaths and injuries related to asbestos. Strict action and penalties have been imposed in case there are reports of asbestos products imported to the country.
Few senators have gone ahead and by imposing jail punishment if the authorities fail to abide by the law related to customs.

Lack Of Knowledge And Adequate Training
The ban on the use of asbestos and all related products have led to the growth of a generation of workers who have little knowledge regarding this mineral. The workers are of the opinion that the materials they are dealing with are asbestos-free. Right precautionary measures are not adopted when it comes to drilling and cutting of asbestos sheets.

Fibre sheets that are imported from other countries can pose a threat to workers. The bonded state of the asbestos poses no risk when the product is kept idle. When the sheet is cut, broken or drilled, the microscopic asbestos fibers are released into the air, which makes their way into the human body by way of inhalation.

Children’s Crayons Are Not Safe Either
While you admire your little one doodle on the paper, there are few things you should be concerned about. Did you know that crayons used by children have the presence of asbestos in them? This is a matter of concern since children tend to put objects in their mouth or grab for food after playing with crayons.

What next?
All wax crayons that have their origin in China are pulled off the shelves and have been banned until further orders.

A Systemic Problem?
This is what officials have to say about the items imported from China. The truth that Australia has turned into a dumping ground for asbestos waste is startling, and unless rules are passed, the country will be plagued by this problem.

The silver lining is that there are several asbestos testing centers in the city, and if you are suspicious of any product- imported or not- you can get them tested.

7 Unexpected Ways Of Buying Furniture For Your Home

home-furnitureIf you have moved into your newly constructed apartment, the first thing that needs to be taken care of is the furniture. Arranging the kid’s room, your room and the rest of the home is no small task. You can either arrange the old furniture or get in touch with 740 Designs furniture hire Perth to mimic the living room advertised in the website.

Are there any magic formulae to pick the right furniture or do you go by intuition? Take help from these tips to help you get started.

Size Of Bedroom
Measure the room so you can choose the correct furnishings. If you have a small room for the kids, buy a bunker type bed and a small table to avoid cluttering the space. If you have the luxury of a large space, you can buy a queen size bed, and add a corner table for a personalized effect.
Do not go overboard when buying furniture. There should be sufficient space to move around in the room and must not appear too crowded with all the furniture.

The next important deciding factor is the style or theme of the bedroom. If it is a kid’s room, you can buy a wardrobe, chair and study table. For your room, you can include a table, chair and a cupboard to store your personal belongings.

Choose warm hues like blue and pastel shades that have a soothing effect on the mind. If you have a particular theme in mind, you can choose the appropriate colors and match them. Match the color of your room with your furniture, so everything blends in well. You can paint the kid’s room in red, orange and pink tones.
If you love to experiment with style, choose a contrast color for the walls, so it goes well with the theme you have chosen.

Multifunctional Furniture Is A Good Idea
If you have a small room, you do not have to compromise on buying the latest furniture. These days you can find plenty of multifunctional transforming furniture that helps you live comfortably in an apartment. Built for functionality, you can buy a table that can be raised or lowered to serve as another piece of furniture. Some of them can be folded to decrease the space or expanded to turn into another furniture.
Place a chest of drawers to store your belongings while it also serves as a dressing table to keep all your cosmetics and accessories.

Never compromise on quality when you are buying furniture for your home. Do a quick inspection to check if there are any dents or dull spots on the furniture. Ask the dealer if they provide any warranty period on the furnishings.

Budget Constraint
Buying a high-quality furniture means spending a lot of money. If you have a budget allotted, you can buy the goods sparingly. Do not buy anything that is beyond your purchasing power.

Compare Price
It is a good idea to compare prices online or in furniture stores. If you plan to buy a teak bed, compare its price on other platforms to find out what is the average price at which they are sold.

With these simple ideas, you can set out to buy the furniture of your choice for your new apartment.